Preventative Aspects of Early Nutrition during the first 1000 days

Budapest, Hungary 20 March 2015


At the Eastern European Workshop many topics regarding early infant nutrition were discussed. Topics ranging from diets during gestation and lactation and the epigenetic effect, the risk factor associated with different infant formula protein content, to protein hydrolysates and their potential effect on allergy prevention and management. These are only a few examples of the topics discussed during the workshop.

Symposium Presentations
  • The First 1000 Days – Early Nutrition

    Speaker: Mike Possner
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  • Cardiovascular, Metabolic Programming and Epigenetics

    Speaker: Umberto Simeoni
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  • Endocrine and Metabolic Biomarkers Predicting Early Childhood Obesity Risk

    Speaker: Piotr Socha
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  • Protein Intake on the First Year of Life: A Risk Factor for Later Obesity

    Speaker: Berthold Koletzko
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  • Effects of Probiotics in Early Infancy

    Speaker: Hania Szajewska
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  • Metabolic Syndrome in Young Children: Definition and Results of the IDEFICS Study

    Speaker: Denes Molnar
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  • The Role of Hydrolysates for Allergy Prevention: 10 Years German Infant Nutritional Intervention Program GINI

    Speaker: Andrea von Berg
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  • Partial Hydrolysates in the Management of Gastro-intestinal Disorder

    Speaker: Yvan Vanderplas
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