Olympic Sport Nutrition Conference

London/Oxford, UK 12 August 2012 - 14 August 2012


What do you associate with sport? Nutrition, healthiness, balance to everyday life, entertainment or perhaps emotions and a feeling of being with one another?
Whether it’s football, basketball, triathlon, hockey or volleyball, athletics, winter sport or cycling, the value and the entertainment of sport are significant and connect all these features. Hidden behind the entertainment of sport, however, are the physical challenges which athletes must confront, both on
the day of competition and during training. Especially these topics have to be discussed and researched by the best nutritionists in the world.
For this reason, the Nestlé Nutrition Institute supported the Olympic Sport Nutrition Conference London 2012. A great opportinity to learn more about the principles and practice of cutting-edge sports nutrition. 

Symposium Presentations
  • Nitrate and its application as an ergogenic aid

    Speaker: Prof. Andrew Jones
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  • Nutritional modulation of muscle reconditioning

    Speaker: Luc van Loon
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  • Nutritional signals for muscle reconditioning

    Speaker: Prof. Keith Baar
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  • Caffeine

    Speaker: Prof. Lawrence Spriet
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  • Revisiting the ergogenic properties of carnitine

    Speaker: Dr. Stephen
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  • Global application of beta-alanine in sports medicine

    Speaker: Dr. Stellingwerff
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