NNIW84 Next Generation Nutritional Biomarkers to Guide Better Health Care

Lausanne, Switzerland 23 September 2014 - 25 September 2014
Symposium Presentations
  • Next Generation Nutritional Biomarkers: The Big Picture

    Speaker: B. Ommen
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  • Introductory Lecture: Systems Biology Approaches to Understanding Diversity in Nutritional Needs

    Speaker: J. Kaput
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  • Nutritional Biomarkers in Global Public Health

    Speaker: A. Prentice
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  • Bioinformatics: Novel Insights from Genomic Information

    Speaker: R. Hancock
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  • An Overview of Biomarkers in Liver Disease

    Speaker: A. Dhawan
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  • Biomarkers Indicating Risk and Long-term Outcome in Premature Infants

    Speaker: N. Modi
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  • Next Generation Biomarkers for Iron Status

    Speaker: A. Drakesmith
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  • Beyond Cholesterol – New Cardiovascular Biomarkers

    Speaker: H. Mangge
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  • The Gut Microbiome, its Metabolome, and Their Relationship to Health and Disease

    Speaker: G. Wu
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