76th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop

Oxford, UK 15 August 2012


The NNI had the fantastic opportunity to organise a scientific workshop around Sports Nutrition during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. A multidisciplinary group of scientists, athletes, and coaches gathered to discuss the latest scientific evidence on micronutrients and how they can influence endurance and performance. The nutritional solutions are clearly distinguished from doping yet they can still deliver remarkable benefits.

Symposium Presentations
  • Sport specific reconditioning

    Speaker: Prof. Keith Baar
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  • Nutritional interventions prior to the 2012 Olympics

    Speaker: Prof. Louise Burke
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  • Caffeine, exercise and the brain

    Speaker: Prof. Romain Meeusen
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  • Hydration during intense exercise training

    Speaker: Prof. Ron Maughan
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  • Intense exercise training and immune function

    Speaker: Prof Michael Gleeson
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  • Carnitine and fat oxidation

    Speaker: Francis Stephens
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  • High intensity exercise training

    Speaker: Prof. Martin Gibala
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  • Ergogenic properties of beta-alanine

    Speaker: Prof. Harris
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  • Dietary protein for muscle hypertrophy

    Speaker: Prof. Tipton
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