74th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop

Goa, India 11 March 2012 - 14 March 2012


The Nestlé Nutrition Institute organized in March 2012 the 74th NNI workshop entitled: “Maternal and Child nutrition: the first 1000 days”. The importance of this topic globally and for the South East Asian region specifically, where rates of Low Birth Weight are as high as 25% of the annual birth rate, led the decision to host this workshop in India.

The chairpersons – Prof. Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, Prof. Satish Kalhan and Prof. Jatinder Bhatia have established an excellent scientific program focusing on the prevention of low birth weight. It was highlighted that prevention has to start with the health of adolescent girls, being in childbearing age, throughout pregnancy and lactation. Overall the importance of appropriate diets during this critical period of high plasticity have been reviewed during the workshop. Finally, it was emphasized that the economic burden of low birth weight and later consequences, such as low education and reduced labour capacity, as well as the elevated risk of metabolic diseases later in live should drive the public health agenda.

For more details please refer to the workshop publication and the related webinars

Symposium Presentations
  • Relationship of fetal malnutrition and long term outcomes

    Speaker: Prof. C. Fall
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  • Global burden and risk factors for Intrauterine Growth Retardation

    Speaker: Prof. M. Kramer
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  • Intervention strategies for preventing LBW in developing countries

    Speaker: Prof. R. Uauy
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  • The role of multiple micronutrients versus iron folate in pregnancy on intrauterine growth

    Speaker: Prof. U. Ramakrishnan
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  • One carbon metabolism and fetal growth, and long term consequences

    Speaker: Prof. S. Kalhan
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  • Maternal folate, B12, and growth and insulin resistance in the offspring

    Speaker: Prof. C.S. Yajnik
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  • The importance of intervening in the preconception period to impact pregnancy outcomes

    Speaker: Prof. Z. Bhutta
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  • Developmental plasticity and human health including epigenetics: Role of stress biology

    Speaker: Prof. P. Wadhwa
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  • Immediate metabolic consequences of intrauterine growth restriction and Low-Birth-Weight infants

    Speaker: Prof. J. Bhatia
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  • Nutritional regulation of fetal growth

    Speaker: Prof. F. Bloomfield
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  • Endocrin regulation of fetal growth

    Speaker: Prof. A.L. Fowden
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  • Iron and micronutrient deficiencies at lower birth weights

    Speaker: Prof. M. Domellof
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  • Interventional strategies to promote appropriate growth

    Speaker: Prof. Ziegler
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  • Alterations in glucose and amino acid homeostasis

    Speaker: Prof. H. van Goudoever
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  • Long term neurocognitive outcome

    Speaker: Prof. M. Makrides
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