71st Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop

Vienna, Austria 23 October 2011 - 26 October 2011


Growth and development during the fetal and postnatal periods as well as during the first 2 years of life are important for short and long-term health. There are many growth drivers during this phase of life, among them are nutrition, genetic and epigenetic factors, and hormonal regulation. 

Thus, the scope of the workshop was to focus on the latest scientific findings in growth research. 

The 71st workshop was held in Vienna (Austria) and was attended by a global audience of more than 100 health care professionals interested in this very important topic in Child development.

Prof. M.Gillman, Sir P. Gluckman  and Prof. R. Rosenfeld lead the discussion about the most prominent questions, e.g. how early infant feeding influences long-term growth and development, and how inadequate nutrition is related to health issues such as obesity and malnutrition. 

For more details please refer to the workshop publications and the related webinars.