69th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop: More than just calories – Triggers for Adaptation

Kona, Hawaii 8 October 2010


The 69th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop: Clinical/Performance Program on "Sports Nutrition: More than just calories - Triggers for Adaptation" was chaired by Prof. Louise BURKE (Australia) and Prof. Ronald MAUGHAN (United Kingdom).
Nutrition is central to a healthy active lifestyle. For athletes: from elite; active competitors; to those who enjoy pushing themselves physically; diet has an important role to play in contributing to sporting success and activity goal achievements.
Life in the world of sport revolves around training and competition. To be able to healthfully sustain training, as well as strive for performance improvements, be it skill, power, strength, speed or endurance, recovery between training sessions is essential. Informed dietary choices help ensure fuel needs are met to promote adaptations to training, to facilitate a quick recovery to enable training to be continued and intensified, and to ensure good health. This workshop explored the role of sports nutrition beyond the mere calories to fuel training and competition, to the effect of nutritional manipulations on metabolic responses and there potential role in triggering adaptive changes within the body.
The workshop, held in Kona, Hawaii, USA, in October 2010, covered the three macronutrients: carbohydrate; fat and protein; alongside an additional section on water; and concluded on the ways in which the technical scientific content from the workshop can be implemented as practical nutritional recommendations for athletes.