Nestlé International Nutrition Symposium (NINS) - Nutrition, Obesity & Society

Lausanne, Switzerland 24 October 2013 - 25 October 2013


The Nestlé Research Center hosted the 10th annual Nestlé International Nutrition Symposium on the topic of "Nutrition, Obesity and Society". 
Over the past decades, obesity has become a global epidemic affecting industrialized and emerging countries alike. Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for developing non-communicable diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Diabetes, osteoarthritis and even certain cancers are linked to obesity, and in low income societies this is often in addition to the burden of infectious disease and undernutrition.
The symposium brought together renowned scientists, key opinion leaders and Nestlé experts for two days at the Nestlé Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland, to discuss the science and health economics linked to the obesity epidemic.

Symposium Presentations
  • The global obesity epidemic - Why?

    Speaker: G. Bray
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  • Eating behavior and weight management

    Speaker: B. Rolls
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  • Effects of prenatal development on growth, adiposity and metabolism: The developmental origins hypothesis

    Speaker: K. Godfrey
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  • The role of physical activity in the prevention of obesity

    Speaker: J. Hill
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  • The Geography and economics of Obesity

    Speaker: A. Drewnowski
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  • Behavioral Intervention in Obesity Treatment

    Speaker: J. Foreyt
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  • Medical and behavioral management of obesity

    Speaker: S. Heymsfield
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  • The interaction between evolution, development and the obesogenic environment: Individual and societal implications

    Speaker: P. Gluckman
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  • Surgical treatment of obesity

    Speaker: P. Schauer
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  • Factors influencing non-genetic variation in the response to a high fat diet

    Speaker: J. Speakman
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  • Brown and brite adipose tissues and their influence on energy balance

    Speaker: B. Cannon
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  • Systems biology of the interactions between the gut microbiome and human metabolism

    Speaker: E. Holmes
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