15th International Biochemistry of Exercise Congress (IBEC)

Stockholm, Sweden 17 June 2012 - 21 June 2012


The 15th International Biochemistry of Exercise Congress (IBEC) took place in Stockholm, Sweden, from June 17-21, 2012!

The meeting highlighted important themes in the wide field of biochemistry of exercise. The program brought up topics such as muscle metabolism, fatigue, signaling in adaptation to exercise, computational biology in exercise research, regulation of muscle mass, mitochondrial function and biogenesis, crosstalk between cells and tissues, nutrition and training adaptation and more.

The proceedings of the meeting will be published in the Journal of Physiology and made available to members of the NNI on our website.

Symposium Presentations
  • Improving growth in preterm infants

    Speaker: R. Cooke
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  • Vision and strategies for 21st century global nutrition

    Speaker: A. Tutwiler
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