European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Congress (ESPEN)

Geneva, Switzerland 6 September 2014 - 9 September 2014


Together with the members of the ESPEN committees, the local organisers composed an attractive scientific and educational programme along the motto “Nutrition on the Move”. Nutritional science is generating constantly new findings which have to be implemented in daily practice. What was true yesterday may be wrong in the future.
A distinguished international faculty shared their updated experience and involved delegates in discussions about the most recent developments in clinical nutrition.

Symposium Presentations
  • Effects of combined nutrition and exercise programs in frail institutionalized older adults: The ACTIVNES study

    Speaker: P. Abizanda
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  • New evidence for combined nutrition and exercise to improve physical function in pre-frail seniors

    Speaker: R.W. Kressig
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  • Caregiver tips to optimize adherence to prescribed nutritional supplements

    Speaker: S. Simmons
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