European Union Geriatric Medical Society Congress (EUGMS) 2013

Venice, Italy 2 October 2013 - 4 October 2013


The European Union Geriatric Medical Society Congress 2013 was held in Venice, Italy from 2-4, October 2013 to promote education, continuing professional development and high quality evidence based geriatric medicine.

Symposium Presentations
  • New recommendations for protein intake

    Speaker: J. Bauer
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  • Rationale for the proactive management of frailty and malnutrition

    Speaker: P. Soler
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  • New evidence on the benefits of physical activity and nutrition

    Speaker: R. Fielding
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  • Practicalities of integrating nutrition and exercise into geriatric care

    Speaker: F. Landi
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  • Pathophysiology and natural history of oropharyngeal dysphagia among older people

    Speaker: P. Clavè
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  • Causes and diagnosis of dysphagia - aspiration and stroke

    Speaker: G. Kolb
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  • Nutritional status and dysphagia in patients with neurodegenerative conditions

    Speaker: J. Leners
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  • Rehabilitation programs in older patients with dysphagia

    Speaker: K. Koutsikos
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  • Free Communications : Dysphagia, a Geriatric Syndrome

    Speaker: D. Smithard
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