ESPGHAN 48th Annual Meeting


ESPGHAN aimed to promote child health and increase understanding and treatment of disease states and was a platform for scientific exchange, offering a high standard education programme to learn about the latest advances and clinical developments focusing on gastrointestinal disorders, liver diseases, and nutrition

Symposium Presentations
  • CMPA - Why is it so Difficult in Clinical Practice?

    Speaker: S. Koletzko
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  • Can the CoMiSS Contribute to the Diagnosis

    Speaker: Y. Vandenplas
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  • Questions and Answers

    Speaker: S. Koletzko & Y. Vandenplas
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  • Programming for a Healthy Life by Complementary Feeding

    Speaker: M. Fewtrell
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  • Gut-bacteria Interaction - a Metabolic Symbiosis

    Speaker: G. Wu
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  • Nutritional Therapy of IBD - Integrating Environmental and Bacterial Data

    Speaker: A. Levine
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  • Why Should we Target the Bacteria in IBD?

    Speaker: H. Sokol
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  • Early Nutrition, Growth and Body Composition

    Speaker: F. Haschke
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