Advanced Practices in Voice and Dysphagia

Las Vegas, USA 22 February 2014 - 25 February 2014


This course was designed for otolaryngologists, speech language pathologists, and paramedical personnel who wished to further their understanding of the advanced diagnostic and treatment options for individuals with swallowing and voice disorders. Participants were presented with a thorough understanding of 
the biomechanics of normal swallowing function. Swallowing diagnostics were discussed in detail including fluoroscopy, endoscopy, and manometry. In addition, participants gained knowledge of the state-of-the art treatments for swallowing disorders, both with dysphagia therapy and surgery. Participants also gained knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of benign laryngeal lesions 
and neurologic conditions. Participants learnt the medical, behavioral, and surgical approaches (including office-based treatments) of laryngeal/vocal disorders.