83rd NNI Workshop, Frailty: Pathophysiology, Phenotype and Patient Care

Barcelona, Spain 14 March 2014 - 15 March 2014


The 83rd Nestle Nutrition Institute workshop was themed, ‘Frailty: Pathophysiology, Phenotype and Patient Care.’ At this event, experts from around the world met to share cutting edge research in the quest to better understand and increase awareness of the expanding geriatric syndrome of frailty.

Symposium Presentations
  • Video News Report on 83rd NNI Workshop about Frailty

    Speaker: Trailer
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  • Overlaps Between Frailty and Nutritional Assessment

    Speaker: C. Sieber on behalf of J. Bauer
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  • Connecting Age-Related Biological Decline to Frailty and Late-Life Vulnerability

    Speaker: J. Walston
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  • Cellular Senescence and the Biology of Frailty

    Speaker: N. Le Brasseur
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  • Role of Nuclear and Mitochondrial Genome Instability on Frailty

    Speaker: C. Leeuwenburgh
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  • Determinants of Frailty and Longevity: Are They the Same

    Speaker: L. Manas
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  • Frailty Advancements in Europe

    Speaker: J. Michel
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  • Psychological Frailty in the Context of Clinical Frailty Syndrome

    Speaker: L. Fitten
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  • Clinical Phenotype of Frailty - A physical and Cognitive Point of View

    Speaker: M. Pahor
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  • Overlaps Between defintions of Frailty and Sarcopenia

    Speaker: T. Cederholm
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  • Function Promoting Therapies for Age-Related Functional limitations

    Speaker: S. Bhasin
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  • Vitamin D and Frailty

    Speaker: H. Bischoff
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  • Changes in Body Composition and Function After Hip Fracture - Interventions and Their Timing to Address Deficits and Desired Outcomes

    Speaker: J. Magaziner
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  • Physical Exercise as Therapy for Frailty

    Speaker: D. Villareal
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  • Implementing Frailty into Clinical Practice

    Speaker: B. Vellas on behalf of M. Cesari
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