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H. Nixdorf

Top Down and PEPuP! : Achieving Enteral Nutrition Goals in the ICU

Speakers: H. Nixdorf, RD, BASc, CNSC


This program presented on June 7, 2016 provides an overview about volume based feeding and the key features of the PEPuP protocol. Learn how one facility’s journey beginning with participation in the International Nutrition Survey (INS) and then participating in the PEPuP Collaborative changed practice and significantly improved calorie and protein delivery to ICU patients. Resources and practical tips are identified to assist clinicians interested in implementing a volume based feeding protocol in the ICU.RDs and DTRs practicing in the US may log CPE activities under Activity Type 175.Activity number for viewing this recording through June 6, 2017 is 127586.To learn more about submitting this activity type visit CDR