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Fighting Geriatric Malnutrition in 2014: Update Your Nutrition Screening Program.

Speakers: Janet Skates, MS, RD, LDN, FADA


Malnutrition is acommon, but under-recognized problem in older adults that can lead to loss offunction, increased morbidity, and death and put organizations at risk.Screening to accurately identify who is at risk is the first line of defenseand leads to intervention.  This webinar will discuss the problem ofmalnutrition in older adults, examine how using a validated screening toolprotects the patient and the caregiver, and look at available validatedscreening tools used with this vulnerable population, including the MNA® andthe new Self MNA®.  Finally, we will showcase some of the organizationsand programs that have successfully implemented the MNA® in practice – bestpractices that can be duplicated in your setting.