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Bioinformatics: Novel Insights from Genomic Information

Speakers: R. Hancock

Presented at 84th Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop: Next Generation Nutritional...


Scientific and clinical research are considered the gold standard approach informing medical practice. Nevertheless, a library of genomic information is required to better understand the complexities of biological systems. Hancock provided examples of important  learnings from systems biology, namely: the impact of diseases, the impact of interventions, correlates of success, and success of interventions. There are more than 1,800 host genes involved in innate immunity alone. In this presentation, Hancock described some of the computational tools developed to enable the analysis of genetic information. He also touched on how these have provided great insights in infection as well as innate immunity and inflammation. Furthermore, he provided an overview of InnateDB. InnateDB is a manually-curated database and analysis platformed on genes, proteins, interactions and signaling responses involved in human, murine and bovine innate immune responses.