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NNIW16 - Vitamins and Minerals in Pregnancy and Lactation

Editor(s): H. Berger. vol. 16

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Safety of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Mother and Child, 24 September 1986, in Innsbruck

Author(s): D. Hornig

Safety of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Mother and Child

Author(s): R.E. Olson

Xerophthalmia and Severe Protein Energy Malnutrition

Author(s): S. Pudjiadi

Impact of Vitamin a Deficiency on Infant and Childhood Mortality

Author(s): A. Sommer, I. Tarwotjo, K.P. West

Does Iron Supplementation Reduce Zinc Bioavailability in Preterm Infants?

Author(s): H.L. Halliday, D. McMaster

Vitamin Ki in Fetus and Human Milk

Author(s): L. Sann, M. Guillaumond, B. Fournier, M. Leclercq, and M. Bourgeay-Causse

Vitamin Ki Status, Its Clinical Implication, and Oral Prophylaxis in Breast-Fed Thai Infants

Author(s): A. Tejavej

Acarboxy Prothrombin in Dried Blood Spots as a Marker for Vitamin K Deficiency in Young Infants

Author(s): K. Motohara, I. Matsuda

Plasma Concentrations of Vitamin Ki and Pivka-Ii in Bottle-Fed and Breast-Fed Infants with and without Vitamin K Prophylaxis at Birth

Author(s): J. Widdershoven, L. Monnens, W. Lambert, A. de Leenheer, K. Motohara, M. Matsuda

Quantitation of Trans- Vitamin Ki in Small Serum Samples: A Study Emphasizing Vitamin Ki Status at Delivery and ater Birth, Related to Feeding Conditions

Author(s): P.M.M. Van Haard, A.L.J. M. Pietersma-de-Bruyn

Phosphorus Depletion in very Low Birthweight Infants on Long-Term Total Parenteral Nutrition

Author(s): G. Briassoulis, S. Photopoulos, M. Davakis, M. Xanthou

Vitamin C Supplementation Increases Low Plasma Vitamin C Levels of Premature Infants Fed Human Milk

Author(s): K. Heinonen, I. Mononen, and T. Mononen

Zinc Balance in Premature Infants: Providing the Minimal Dietary Zinc Requirement

Author(s): I. Matsuda, A. Higashi, T. Ikeda, K. Iribe

Vitamin C-Dependent Hypertyrosinemia in Small Premature Babies: Diagnosis through Routine Metabolic Screening in Urine

Author(s): P. W. Nars, H. Wick

Vitamin and Mineral Composition of Preterm Human Milk: Implications for the Nutritional Management of the Preterm Infant

Author(s): A. Kirksey, A. Rahmanifar

Dietary Intake of Vitamin B6 Glycoside by Lactating Women and Its Effect on Milk Vitamin B6 and Infant Vitamin B6 Status

Author(s): R.D. Reynolds, J.E. Leklem, S. Acharya, P.B. Mose

Vitamin Concentration in Term Milk of European Mothers

Author(s): L. Dostalova, L. Salmenpera, V. Vaclavinkova, P. Heinz-Erian, W. Schiiep

Effect of Fetal Sex and Maternal Smoking on Cord Blood Glutathione Peroxidase Activities

Author(s): H.L. Halliday, M. Bannon, D. McMaster

Serum Zinc, Copper, And Selenium Concentrations In Healthy Mothers During Pregnancy, Puerperium, And Lactation: A Longitudinal Study

Author(s): P. Anttila, S. Salmela, J. Lehto, O. Simell

131I, 134Cs, and 137Cs in Austrian Milk

Author(s): F. Haschke, B. Pietschnig, V. Karg

A Collaborative Study On Vitamins, Minerals, And Trace Elements In Breast Milk

Author(s): E.M. DeMaeyer

Copper and Zinc Requirements for Extremely Low Birthweight Infants

Author(s): H.L. Halliday, D. McMaster

Vitamin Status and Supplementation of Rural Gambian Women

Author(s): C.J. Bates

Vitamin C, Folate, and Biotin Nutrition during Prolonged Lactation

Author(s): L. Salmenpera, A. Siimes, J. Perheentupa

Vitamins and Minerals in Pregnancy and Lactation: An Introduction

Author(s): A. Ballabriga

Fetal and Neonatal Development in Relation to Maternal Trace Element Nutrition: Manganese, Zinc, and Copper

Author(s): L.S. Hurley, C.L. Keen

Physiopathology of Iodine Nutrition during Pregnancy, Lactation, and Early Postnatal Life

Author(s): F. Delange, P. Bourdoux, J.P. Chanoine, A.M. Ermans

Early Trial on the Prevention of Intracranial Hemorrhage in Premature Infants by Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Author(s): A. Minkowski

Oral Vitamin E Supplementation in Small Premature Babies

Author(s): P.W. Nars

Vitamin E Supplementation and Periventricular Hemorrhage in very Preterm Babies

Author(s): M.L. Chiswick, S. Sinha, J. Davies, N. Toner

Serum Folate Levels in Pregnancies Associated with Neural Tube Defects

Author(s): P.N. Kirke, A.M. Molloy, X.I. Hillary, D.G. Weir, J.M. Scott

Neural Tube Defects and Vitamin Prophylaxis

Author(s): P. Lenehan, D. MacDonald, P. Kirke

Importance of Adequate Folate Nutrition in Embryonic and Early Fetal Development

Author(s): C.J. Schorah

Maternal Nutrition in Smail-For-Dates Babies

Author(s): C.J. Richards

Evaluation of Antenatal and Perinatal Vitamin C Status in Pregnancies Threatened with Prematurity

Author(s): S.C. Sharma

Vitamin D Status of Breast-Fed Infants and Their Mothers

Author(s): J.K. Visakorpi, M. Ala-Houhala

Serum Calcium and Magnesium Status in Women with Leg Cramps during Pregnancy

Author(s): M. Hammar, G. Berg

Osteocalcin in Maternal, Neonatal, and Cord Blood

Author(s): C. Panero, M. Cecchettin, G. Mainardi, V. Sorice, A. Granelli, B. Tarquini

Rickets in Breast-Fed Very Low Birthweight Infants

Author(s): M. Lindroth

Rickets in Breast-Fed and Artificially Fed Infants

Author(s): J.M. Pettifor

Maternal Nutrition: Breast Milk Yield and Composition (A Longitudinal Study in Turkey)

Author(s): O. Koksal

Aluminum in Infant Formulas and in Breast Milk

Author(s): M. Heil, I. Steffan, F. Haschke, H. Vanura

Calcium and Vitamin D Status during Pregnancy

Author(s): F.H. Glorieux, E.E. Delvin, and B.L. Salle

A Nutritional Study Involving Groups of Pregnant Women in Umbria, Italy: Preliminary Results

Author(s): A. Alberti-Fidanza

Vitamin Status in Women During Pregnancy

Author(s): J.S. Vobecky, J. Vobecky

Vitamin and Mineral Status in Healthy Pregnant Women

Author(s): H. Van den Berg

Thiamine Status in Primigravidas and in Cord Blood

Author(s): T. Vichai, L. Nusiri

Significance of Cord Blood Values for the Newborn

Author(s): H. Berger

Vitamin E Status in Pregnancy and Newborn Infants with Respect to Red Blood Cell Tocopherol

Author(s): M. Mino

Assessment of Vitamin Status in Pregnant Women

Author(s): G.B. Brubacher

Trace Element Supply in Young, Healthy Infants as Related to Trace Element Content of Diet

Author(s): H.B. Von Stockhausen, U. Rosick, V.E. Negretti de Bratter, P. Bratter

Vitamin Status in Early Infancy

Author(s): J.S. Vobecky, J. Vobecky

Vitamin E Nutriture of Newborns and Infants in Brazil

Author(s): I.D. Desai, F.E. Martinez, J.E. Dutra de Oliveira

Vitamin and Mineral Requirements in Infancy: How Can They Be Determined?

Author(s): B.A. Wharton

Vitamin and Mineral Status of Pregnant Women and Newborns in Some Groups of the Spanish Population

Author(s): G. Varela, O. Moreiras-Varela, M.-P. Navarro, R. M. Ortega

P-Carotene Transfer into Colostrum in Cows: Evidence of Temporary Increase in Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptors in Mammary Gland during Formation of Colostrum

Author(s): F.J. Schweigert

Preventative Effects of Vitamins and Minerals on Early Abortion

Author(s): S. Roller

Vitamin And Mineral Requirements Of Pregnant And Lactating Women

Author(s): W. Kttbler

Vitamins and Minerals in Pregnancy and Lactation

Author(s): H. Berger

Vitamin Ki Content of Human Milk in Various Maternal Nutritional States

Author(s): K. Sawada, Y. Hanawa