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Tuberculosis in Childhood

Editor(s): International Committee of Paediatricians. 55 / 1

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Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in Children

Author(s): H.L. Rieder

Children play a special role in the understandingof the epidemiology of tuberculosis. Despite thewidespread recognition that tuberculosis in childrenhas a very limited impact on the dynamics ofthe tuberculosis epidemic in a community [1],

Tuberculosis in Children: Diagnosis and Treatment

Author(s): J.R. Starke

Although the means to prevent and cure tuberculosisin children through chemotherapy have existedfor over 40 years, tuberculosis remains themost prevalent infectious disease in the world inboth adults and children.

Population Surveillance and Prevention Strategies for Tuberculosis

Author(s): G.B. Migliori, M.C. Raviglione

For decades, case notification rates of tuberculosisdeclined steadily in most industrialised countries.This is the result of improved economic conditionsand efficient control, including the high curerate obtained with short-course chemotherapyregimens [1, 2].

Special Challenges of Tuberculosis in Hiv-Infected Children

Author(s): Y.B. Mukadi, K.M. De Cock

In the last decade an increase in the incidence oftuberculosis has been reported throughout theworld.