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NNIW61 - The Window of Opportunity: Pre-Pregnancy to 24 Months of Age

Editor(s): D.J.P. Barker, R.L. Bergmann, P.L. Ogra. vol. 61


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Subject Index

Author(s): D.J.P. Barker, R.L. Bergmann , P.L. Ogra

Concluding Remarks

Author(s): D.J.P. Barker , R.L. Bergmann, P.L. Ogra

Environmental Influences on the Development of the Immune System:Consequences for Disease Outcome

Author(s): B. Björkstén

Impact of Fetal and Neonatal Viral (and Parasitic) Infections on Later Development and Disease Outcome

Author(s): Y.A. Maldonado

Neonatal Microbial Flora and Disease Outcome

Author(s): M.F. Vassallo, W. Allan Walker

Growth and Host–Pathogen Interactions

Author(s): A.M. Prentice, M.K. Darboe

Induction of Antigen-Specific Immunity in Human Neonates and Infants

Author(s): C.B. Wilson, T.R. Kollmann

Effects of Early Environment on Mucosal Immunologic Homeostasis, Subsequent Immune Responses and Disease Outcome

Author(s): Y.A. Maldonado

Growth and Nutrition:The First Six Months

Author(s): L.Å. Hanson, S. Zaman, B. Werner, L. Håversen, C. Motas, M. Moisei, I. Mattsby-Baltzer, S. Lange, M. Banasaz, T. Midtvedt, E. Norin, S-A. Silfverdal

Undernutrition and Growth Restriction in Pregnancy

Author(s): R.L. Bergmann, K.E. Bergmann, J.W. Dudenhausen

The Diabetic Pregnancy, Macrosomia, and Perinatal Nutritional Programming

Author(s): A. Plagemann, T. Harder, J.W. Dudenhausen

Maternal Nutrition Before and During Pregnancy

Author(s): Theresa O. Scholl

The Role of Genes in Growth and Later Health

Author(s): J.G. Eriksson

Growth and Bone Development

Author(s): C. Cooper, N. Harvey, K. Javaid, M. Hanson, E. Dennison

The Role of Growth in Heart Development

Author(s): K.L. Thornburg, S. Louey, G.D. Giraud