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Taste and Satiety

Editor(s): International Committee of Paediatricians. 56 / 1

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Physiology of Taste

Author(s): S.S. Schiffman

From the biological standpoint, the sense of tasteenables us to detect and discriminate among foodsin order to select a nutritious diet in the face offluctuating metabolic needs.

Children’s Food Acceptance Patterns

Author(s): L.L. Birch

Humans need a variety of foods to obtain adequatenutrition. Along with this need for varietycomes the ability to adapt and consume whateveredible substances happen to be available in theirenvironment.

Sensitive Periods in the Development of Human Flavor Perception and Preference

Author(s): G.K. Beauchamp, J.A. Mennella

Humans consume a wide range of plant and animalfoods. Thus, developmental processes mustact to insure that an individual is not restricted to anarrow range of foodstuffs by virtue of few preferencesand strong aversions for novel foods [1].

Palatability and Satiety: Models and Measures

Author(s): A. Drewnowski

Food choices and eating habits are influencedstrongly by the taste of foods. The popular conceptof food “taste” typically includes the combinedperception of taste, smell, and texture [1].