Nutrition Publication

NNIW48 - Public Health Issues in Infant and Child Nutrition

Editor(s): R. Black, K.F. Michaelsen. vol. 48

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Public Health Issues in Infant and Child Nutrition

Author(s): R. Black, K.F. Michaelsen

Burden of Disease Caused by Childhood Undernutrition

Author(s): A.L. Rice, A. Hyder, L. Caulfield, R. Stoltzfus, S. Fishman, C. Frangakis, R.E. Black

Childhood Infectious Diseases and Their Contribution to Undernutrition

Author(s): A.H. Baqui, R.E. Black

Nutritional Influences on Child Development: Cross-National Perspective

Author(s): S. Grantham-McGregor, C.C. Ani

Preventing Vitamin A Deficiency: Translating Science to Action

Author(s): K.P. West

Consequences of Zinc Deficiency on Human Health and Alternatives for Programmatic Intervention

Author(s): R.E. Black

Iron and Infectious Disease: A Public Health Problem?

Author(s): S.J. Oppenheimer

Breast Feeding Babies: Is the Longer the Better?

Author(s): L.T. Weaver, R. Elsom

Promotion of Breast Feeding Intervention Trial (PROBIT): A Cluster-Randomized Trial in the Republic of Belarus 189

Author(s): M.S. Kramer, B. Chalmers, E.D. Hodnett, Z. Sevkovskaya, I. Dzikovich, S. Shapiro, J-P. Collet, I. Vanilovich, I. Mezen, T. Ducruet, G. Shishko, V. Zubovich, D. Mknuik, E. Gluchanina, V. Dombrovskiy, A. Ustinovitch, T. Kot, N. Bogdanovich, L. Ovchinikova

Success of InterventionPrograms to Promote Complementary Feeding

Author(s): K.G. Dewey

MicrobialContamination of Weaning Food and Water

Author(s): C.F. Lanata

Options for Achieving Adequate Intake fromHome-Prepared Complementary Foods in LowIncome Countries

Author(s): K.H. Brown, J.M. Peerson, J.E. Kimmons, C. Hotz

Early Exposures and Later Health and Development

Author(s): R. Morley, T. Dwyer

Does an Excessive Protein Intake Early in Life Cause Health Problems Such as Obesity Later in Life?

Author(s): K F. Michaelsen, C. Hoppe, L.S. Nielsen, C. Molgaard

Validating theFetal Origins Hypothesis: An Epidemiologic Challenge

Author(s): S. Joseph

Potential for Metabolic Imprinting by Nutritional Perturbation of Epigenetic Gene Regulation

Author(s): R. A. Waterland, C. Garza