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NNIW39 - Placental Function And Fetal Nutrition

Editor(s): F. Battaglia. vol. 39


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Effects of Maternal Smoking on Placental Structure and Function

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Fetal Growth and Long-Term Consequences in Animal Models of Growth Retardation

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Maternal Vascular Disease and Fetal Growth

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Nutrient Supply in Human Fetal Growth Retardation

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Placental Transport in Fetal Growth Retardation

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Oxygenation in Utero: Placental Determinants and Fetal Requirements

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Regulation of Gene Expression by Nutrients During the Perinatal Period

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Development of Hormone Receptors Within the Fetus

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The Endocrine Function of the Placenta: Human Placental Growth Hormone Variant

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The Endocrine Function of The Placenta: Interactions Between Trophic Peptides and Hormones

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Fetal Liver and The Placenta: An Interactive System

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Molecular Mechanisms of Placental Development

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Placental Delivery of Amino Acids. Utilization and Production Vs. Transport

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Techniques for The Study of Placental Transport—Transfer of Chloride As an Example

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