Nutrition Publication

NNIW41 - Nutrition and Bone Development

Editor(s): J-P. Bonjour, R.C. Tsang. vol. 41

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Hox Genes Involved in Fetal Bone Development

Author(s): S.S. Potter

Role of Parathyroid Hormone-Related Peptide in Skeletal Development

Author(s): H. Jiippner

Calcium Transport Across the Placenta

Author(s): M.Z. Mughal, S.M. Husain

Phosphate, Osteogenic Factors, and Bone Growth

Author(s): J. Caverzasio, G. Palmer, J-P. Bonjour

Phosphorous Metabolism and Physiology in the Newborn

Author(s): K.C. Mehta, R.C. Tsang

Premature Bone

Author(s): J. Rigo, M. De Curtis, K. Nyamugabo, C. Pieltain, P. Gerard, J. Senterre

Follow-Up Bone Development in Premature Infants

Author(s): R.J. Schanler

Factors Affecting Bone Mass in Infants and Toddlers

Author(s): B.L. Specker

Lactation and Bone Development: Implications for the Calcium Requirements of Infants and Lactating Mothers

Author(s): A. Prentice, M. Ann Laskey, L.M.A. Jarjou

Assessment of Bone Mass Development During Childhood and Adolescence by Quantitative Imaging Techniques

Author(s): V. Gilsanz

Calcium and Bone Growth

Author(s): J-P. Bonjour, S. Ferrari, D. Slosman, R. Rizzoli

Calcium Deficiency and Impaired Bone Mass Acquisition

Author(s): J.M. Pettifor

Endemic Fluorosis and Calcium Intake

Author(s): A. Mithal, A.K. Singh

Protein Intake During Childhood and Adolescence, and Attainment of Peak Bone Mass

Author(s): R. Rizzoli, P. Ammann, T. Chevalley, J-P. Bonjour

Delayed Puberty, Skeletal Growth in Mass, Size and Density

Author(s): E. Seeman

Malnutrition, Endocrinopathies, and Deficits in Bone Mass Acquisition

Author(s): L.K. Bachrach

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