Nutrition Publication

NNIW89 - Recent Research in Nutrition and Growth

Editor(s): N. Wagemans, M. Lampl, E.B. Huniker, M. Fiorotto, P. Arner, T. Clemens, K. Michaelsen, V. Grote, R. Black, Z. Bhutta, S. Carlson, J. Colombo, S. Deoni, P. Willatts, M. Black.

It is now well understood around the world that good nutrition plays a major role in the health of individuals, at all stages of development and life.

In recent years, detailed clinical research into the effects of nutrition on growth has brought a wealth of new data that is giving fresh understanding to this key area of development particularly in the first 1,000 days of life: appropriate nutrition at this time can program and prepare the body for long-term health status. Poor nutrition can contribute to obesity or stunting and can also have an adverse effect on brain development and cognition.