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NNIW01 - Mini Nutritional Assessment (Mna): Research and Practise in the Elderly

Editor(s): B. Vellas, P.J. Garry, Y. Guigoz. Clinical Nutrition vol. 01


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Discussions of Poster Presentations

Author(s): B. Vellas, P.J. Garry, Y. Guigoz


Author(s): M. Molaschi, M. Massaia, A. Pallavicino di Ceva, F. Nicoletti, E. Ferrario, M. Ponzetto, G. Cappa

Animal Model: Metabolic and Thermic Responses to Diet and Environment (4°C) in Obesity during Aging in the La/Ntul//-Cp Rat

Author(s): O.L. Tulp , S,P. DeBolt

Mna and Cost of Care

Author(s): P. Quadri, C. Fragiacomo, W. Pertoldi, Y. Guigoz, F. Herrmann, C.H. Rapin

Mna and Nutritional Intervention

Author(s): F. Arnaud-Battandier, S. Lauque, M. Paintin, R. Mansourian, B. Vellas, Y. Guigoz

The Mini Nutritional Assessment in Clinical Practice

Author(s): A. Salva , M.J. Bleda, I. Bolibar

The Mini Nutritional Assessment for Preoperative Nutritional Evaluation: A Study on 419 Elderly Surgical Patients

Author(s): R. Cohendy

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (Cga) and the Mna: An Overview of Cga, Nutritional Assessment, and Development of a Shortened Version of the Mna

Author(s): L.Z. Rubenstein, J. Harker, Y.Guigoz, B. Vellas

Mini Nutritional Assessment and Cancer

Author(s): G.B. Zulian, G. Golda, F. Herrmanna, J-P. Michel

Mini Nutritional Assessment and Alzheimer Patients

Author(s): F. Nourhashemi, S. Guyonnet, P.J. Ousset, V. Kostek, S. Lauque, W.C. Chumlea, B. Vellas, J.L. Albarède

Associations Among the Mini Nutritional Assessment Instrument, Dehydration, and Functional Status among Older African Americans In St. Louis, Mo., Usa

Author(s): D.K. Miller, H.M. Perry, E. Morley

Anorexia of Aging, Leptin, and the Mini Nutritional Assessment

Author(s): J.E. Morley, D.K. Miller, H.M. Perry, P. Patrick, Y. Guigoz, B. Vellas

The Mna Score in People Who Have Aged Successfully

Author(s): K. Scheirlinckx, B. Vellas, P.J. Garry

Mna and Odor Perception

Author(s): M.I. Griep, T.F. Mets, K. Collys, D. Verté, G. Verleye, I. Ponjaert-Kristoffersen, D.L. Massart

Comparative Nutrition Evaluation with the Mini Nutritional Assessment and the Nutritional Risk Assessment Scale

Author(s): P. Oster, B.M. Rost, U. Velte, G. Schlierf

Mna and Immunity: Nutritional Status and Immunological Markers in the Elderly

Author(s): E.J. Schiffrin, Y. Guigoz, G. Perruisseau, S. Blum, Y. Delneste, R. Mansourian, B. Vellas, A. Blancher

The Mini Nutritional Assessment and Body Composition in Healthy Adults

Author(s): W.C. Chumlea, G. Hall, F. Lilly, R.M. Siervogel, S.S. Guo

The Mini Nutritional Assessment (Mna) for Grading the Nutritional State of Elderly Patients: Presentation of the Mna, History and Validation

Author(s): Y. Guigoz, B. Vellas

Mini Nutritional Assessment (Mna): Research and Practice in the Elderly

Author(s): B. Vellas, P.J. Garry, Y. Guigoz