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NNIW60 - Issues in Complementary Feeding

Editor(s): C. Agostoni, O. Brunser. vol. 60


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Functional Fermented Milk Products

Author(s): O. Brunser, M. Gotteland, S. Cruchet

Meat as an Early Complementary Food for Infants: Implications for Macro- and Micronutrient Intakes

Author(s): N.F. Krebs

Whole Cow’s Milk: Why, What and When?

Author(s): K. Fleischer Michaelsen, C. Hoppe, L. Lauritzen, C. Mølgaard

Adverse Effects of Cow’s Milk in Infants

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Weaning Infants with Malnutrition, Including HIV

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Allergic Infants: Growth and Implications while on Exclusion Diets

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The Influence of Gluten: Weaning Recommendations for Healthy Children and Children at Risk for Celiac Disease

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Functional Ingredients in the Complementary Feeding Period and Long-Term Effects

Author(s): C. Agostoni, E. Riva, M. Giovannini

Processed Infant Cereals as Vehicles of Functional Components

Author(s): M. Domellöf, C. West

Cereal Fortification Programs in Developing Countries

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Potential Contaminants in the Food Chain: Identification, Prevention and Issue Management

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Traditional Foods vs. Manufactured Baby Foods

Author(s): E.L. Ferguson, N. Darmon

Later Effects of Breastfeeding Practice: The Evidence

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Does Breastfeeding Protect from Growth Acceleration and Later Obesity?

Author(s): A. Singhal

Breastfeeding and Complementary Feeding of Children up to 2 Years of Age

Author(s): K.H. Brown