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The Nest 5: Infant Diarrhea / Psychological Aspects / Weaning

Editor(s): M.K. Bhan, R.Bahl, N. Bhandari, J. De Nobrega, L. Cardinal Primeau, M.J. Mozin, P. Goyens. vol. 05

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Factors Influencing the Duration of Infantile Diarrhea

Author(s): M.K. Bhan, R.Bahl, N. Bhandari

The duration of infantile acute diarrhea involves many related factors. In general, about 75% of episodes of diarrhea last for a week or less, 20% for 8-14 days and 5% beyond 14 days; the last subgroup is defined as persistent diarrhea.

Malnutrition and Weak Mother/Child Bond

Author(s): J. De Nobrega

It is widely recognized that malnutrition results from the action of a great deal of factors which contribute to the high morbidity and mortality observed in children in countries where social needs do not receive the priority they rightly deserve.

How Best to Wean Babies?

Author(s): L. Cardinal Primeau, M.J. Mozin, P. Goyens

Weaning may be defined as the process by which the infant makes the transition from an allmilk diet to a completely diversified diet. Weaning starts when the first new food is introduced into the infant diet and lasts until breast- or bottle-feeding is replaced by the cup.