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NNIW24 - Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Editor(s): H. Vis, J. Shaub, F. Van Hoof. vol. 24


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Indications and Timing of Liver Transplantation in Metabolic Disorders

Author(s): D.C. Van der Zee, E. Van Melkebeke, J. De Ville De Goyet, E. Sokal, J-Pa. Buts, J. Rahier, B. De Hemptinne, F. Van Hoof, J-B. Otte

Liver Transplantation for Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Author(s): M. Odièvre

Displacement Bone Marrow Transplantation Can Correct Some Inborn Errors Of Metabolism

Author(s): John R. Hobbs

Liver Transplantation for Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Genetic Disorders

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Development of New Therapeutic Strategies for Inborn Errors of Metabolism Involving the Liver

Author(s): A.P. Mowat

Problems of Transfer of Carbohydrates at the Level of the Intestinal Mucosa

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Genetic Diseases of Neurotransmitter Metabolism

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Inborn Errors of the Metabolism of Branched-Chain Amino Acids

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Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Preventing Fetal Damage in Women with Phenylketonuria

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Inborn Errors of the Urea Cycle and Other Hyperammonemia

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Organic Acidurias

Author(s): M. Duran, L. Dorland, L. Bruinvis, D. Ketting, F. J. Van Sprang

Medium Chain Triglycerides: Advantages and Possible Drawbacks

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, as First Expression of a Metabolic Disorder

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Carnitine and the Organic Acidurias

Author(s): Ch.R. Roe, D.S. Millington, S.G. Kahler, N. Kodo, D.L. Norwood

Disorders of Peroxisomal Fatty Acid 13-Oxidation

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Inherited Disorders of Mitochondrial 13-Oxidation

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Fatty Acid Oxidation: General Overview

Author(s): G.P. Mannaerts, P.P. Van Veldhoven

Inborn Errors of Metabolism

Author(s): H. Vis, J. Shaub, F. Van Hoof