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NNIW05 - Human Milk Banking

Editor(s): A.F. Williams, J.D. Baum. vol. 05


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Human Milk Processing and The Nutrition of the Very-Low-Birth-Weight Infant: Discussion

Author(s): A.F. Williams, J.D. Baum

Nitrogen, Fat, and Mineral Balance Studies in Low-Birth-Weight Infants Fed with Banked Human Milk, Human Milk Formula, or Preterm Infant Formula

Author(s): J. Senterre, M. Voyer, G. Putet, J. Rigo

Lactoengineering: A Method for The Estimation of The Human Milk Protein Requirements of Very-Low-Birth-Weight Newborn Infants

Author(s): B.S. Lindblad, S. Hagelberg, R. Fonden, B. Persson, A. Lundsjo

Practical Problems in Conducting Comparative Trials of Feeding Regimens in Very-Low-Birth-Weight Infants

Author(s): A.F. Williams

Characterization and Biological Role of Human Lactotransferrin Complexes

Author(s): G. Spik, S. Jorieux, J. Mazurier, J. Navarro, C. Romond, J. Montreuil

Effects of Different Heat Treatments on Some Human Milk Constituents

Author(s): V. Barrois-Larouze, S. Jorieux, S. Aubry, L. Grimonprez, G. Spik

Loss of Immune Components During the Processing of Human Milk

Author(s): S. Freier, J. Faber

Preparation and Evaluation of Fortified Human Milk for Very-Low-Birth-Weight Infants

Author(s): C. Garza, R.J. Schanler, A.S. Goldman, C. Dill, B.L. Nichols

Effect of Heat on Specific Proteins in Human Milk

Author(s): R.L.J. Lyster, T. Hunjan, E.D. Hall

Studies on Nonimmunoglobulin Inhibitory Activity in Human Milk Against E. Coli Heat-Labile Enterotoxin, Rotavirus, And Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Author(s): A.B. Kolsto Otnasss, A. Laegreid, T. Orstavik, K.Trollerud

Cloning Proteins from Human and Guinea Pig Milk

Author(s): R.K. Craig, L. Hall, M.S. Davies, P.N. Campbell

Growth Modulators in Human Milk: Implications for Milk Banking

Author(s): G.E. Gaull, C.E. Isaacs, C.E. Wright, L. Krueger, H.H. Tallan

Preparation of Fat and Protein from Banked Human Milk: Its Use in Feeding Very-Low-Birth-Weight Infants

Author(s): R. Hylmo, S. Polberger, I. Axelsson, I. Jakobsson, N. Raiha

Role of Nonantibody Proteins in Milk in the Protection of the Newborn

Author(s): B. Reiter

Preparation of a Milk Immunoglobulin Concentrate from Cow's Milk

Author(s): H. Hilpert

Principles of Ultrafiltration and the Concentration and Fractionation of Cow's Milk

Author(s): F.A. Glover