Nutrition Publication

The Nest 19: Growth / Nutrition / Allergy

Editor(s): M. Garcia Campos, J. Ramirez Mayans, M. Fishbein, S. Cox, L. Walbert, C. Fraker, Y. Vandenplas. vol. 19

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Growth - Nutritional Assessment of Children

Author(s): Ma. Garcia Campos, J. Ramirez Mayans

Undernutrition is a major concern of public health worldwide. In 1990, approximately 20 million children were suffering from undernutrition. In contrast, over the last two decades, obesity has significantly increased in the developed countries, as well as in the developing ones.

Nutrition - Treatment of Feeding Aversion in Children

Author(s): M. Fishbein, S. Cox, L. Walbert, C. Fraker

Feeding is not only a natural part of life, but is also vital. Without the ability to meet our nutritional needs in some way, our life is in jeopardy. Children progress through the different feeding stages, mastering each one from bottle or breastfeeding all the way to consuming solid foods.

Allergy - Allergic Disease and the Environment

Author(s): Y. Vandenplas

A dramatic increase in allergic disease has been observed over the last decade, mainly in socio-economically highly-developed communities around the world, making prevention of allergic disease a priority topic of public health.