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The Nest 13: Growth / Neonatalogy / Nutrition

Editor(s): H. Lejarraga, R. Francavilla, V.L. Miniello, E. Favre, M. Robert. vol. 13

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The Fascinating Process Of Psychomotor Development In Children

Author(s): Prof. Horacio Lejarraga

Development is the sum total of changes in sensory motor behaviour, emotional response, intelligence, language and learning. It is hence a very comprehensive concept, involving many complex processes, from the apparently simple loss of the Moro reflex up to the most extraordinary intellectual adventure of the human being: the acquisition of language.

Neonatal Cholestasis Between 0 And 3 Years of Age?

Author(s): R. Francavilla, V.L. Miniello

Cholestasis can be defined as a reduction in bile flow, and clinically as the accumulation in the blood of substances normally excreted in the bile, resulting primarily in conjugated hyperbilirubinemia. The clinical consequences are therefore related to the retention of substances, which are dependent on bile flow for excretion.

Should Children Be Encouraged to Increase Their Intake of Dietary Fiber?

Author(s): E. Favre, M. Robert

Previously completely overlooked, dietary fiber now is strongly recommended in the setting of eating a balanced diet. Its value in the prevention of socalled “diseases of civilization” in adults has been demonstrated. But what about its effects in children?