Nutrition Publication

NNIW46 - Gastrointestinal Functions

Editor(s): M. Lentze, E.E. Delvin. vol. 46

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Genetics of Gut Mobility Disorders the Model of Hirschsprung's Disease

Author(s): S. Lyonnet, J. Amiel, R. Salomon, T. Attie, R. Touraine, J. Steffann, A. Pelet, C. Nihoul-Fekete, M. Vekemans, A. Munnich

Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Related Models

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Testing Intestinal Function Possibilities Offered by 13Co2 Breath Tests and Stable Isotopes

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Structure, Function, and Regulation of Intestinal Lactase-Phlorizin Hydrolase and Sucrase-Isomaltase in Health and Disease

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Development of The Structure and Function of the Neuromusculature of the Gastrointestinal Tract

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Role of Extracellular Matrix Proteins on Human Intestinal Cell Function: Laminin-Epithelial Cell Interactions

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Regulation of Functional Development of The Small Intestine

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Assembly And Disassembly Of Brush Borders Driven By Villin, A Unique Bundling/Severing Actin-Binding Protein

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Development, Regulation, and Function of Secretory Immunity

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