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Dietary Fats in Infancy and Childhood

Editor(s): International Committee of Paediatricians. 55 / 2

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Dietary Fats and Prevention of Atherosclerosis

Author(s): E. Bergström, O. Hernell

It was not until the last century that cardiovasculardiseases (CVD), with atherosclerotic-thromboticchanges in the coronary, cerebral and other arteries,became major public health problems.

Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Infants and Children

Author(s): S.E. Carlson

Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCP orLCPUFA) are fatty acids of 20 or more carbonsthat are derived from the essential n-6 and n-3fatty acids, linoleic acid (LA) and a-linolenic acid(ALA), respectively.

Trans-Fatty Acids

Author(s): B. Koletzko

Human consumption of trans-fatty acids has increasedmarkedly since the beginning of this century,primarily due to the widespread applicationof the technology of fat hydrogenation that wasdeveloped in 1902 by the German chemist Dr.Wilhelm Normann [1].

Medium-Chain Triglycerides

Author(s): P.R. Borum

The roles of dietary fatty acids as fuels and structuralcomponents of cells are well recognized.Fatty acids are simple compounds made up of acarbon chain of varying length with a carboxylicacid group at one end.