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NNIW12 - Developmental Neurobiology

Editor(s): A. Minkowski & Ph. Evrard. vol. 12


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Experimental Studies on the Effect of Early Malnutrition on the Norepinephrinergic System Projecting to the Cerebral Cortex

Author(s): R. Soto-Moyano, A. Hernandez, H. Perez, S. Ruiz, J. Belmar

Some Aspects of Clinical and Biochemical Changes Related to Nutrition during Brain Development in Humans

Author(s): A. Ballabriga

Interaction of Alcohol with the Delta-Opioid Receptor

Author(s): M.E. Charness, A.S. Gordon, I. Diamond

Nutritional Influences on Neurological Development: A Contemplative Essay

Author(s): N. Kretchmer

Psychological Factors in Neurological Development

Author(s): M.H. Teicher

Discussion for Chapters by Lou and Volpe

Author(s): L.M.S.Dubowitz, H. Lou, J.J. Volpe

Positron Emission Tomography in the Study if Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in the Premature Infant With Major Intraventricular Hemorrhage and in the Term Newborn with Asphyxia

Author(s): J.J. Volpe

Perinatal Cerebral Circulation and Its Pathological Perturbations

Author(s): H. Lou

Visual Function in The Normal and Neurologically Compromised Newborn Infant

Author(s): L. M.S. Dubowitz, J. Mushin, L. De Vries

Biochemical Changes during Early Myelination of the Human Brain

Author(s): M. Martinez

Do Serotonin and Other Neurotransmitters Exert a Trophic Influence on the Immature Brain?

Author(s): M. Hamon, S. Bourgoin, C. Chanez, F. De Vitry

Formation of Cerebellar Projection Maps: Development of Olivo- and Spinocerebellar Projections

Author(s): C. Sotelo

Developmental Synthesis of Myelin Lipids: Origin of Fatty Acids—Specific Role of Nutrition

Author(s): J-M. Bourre

Expression of Myelin Basic Protein Genes in the Developing Mouse Brain

Author(s): A.T. Campagnoni, H.J. Roth, M. Hunkeler, P.J. Pretorius, C.W. Campagnoni

Peroxisomes and Brain Development: Search for an Animal Model

Author(s): J. Vamecq, A.M. Goffinet, I. Labrique, J-P. Draye, F. Van Hoof

Peroxisomes and Central Nervous System Dysgenesis and Dysfunction

Author(s): S.L. Goldfischer

Cellular Interactions during Neuronal Development

Author(s): G. Barbin

Discussion for Chapters by Caviness, Williams, and Evrard

Author(s): A. Sotelo, Dr. Williams, Dr. Caviness, Dr. Evrard

Abnormal Development and Destructive Processes of the Human Brain During the Second Half of Gestation

Author(s): P. Evrard, H.J. Kadhim, Ph. de Saint-Georges, J-F. Gadisseux

Cerebral Malformations Arising in the First Half of Gestation

Author(s): R.S. Williams

Normal Development of Cerebral Neocortex

Author(s): V.S. Caviness