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NNIW40 - Clinical Trials Infant Nutrition

Editor(s): J. Perman & J. Rey. vol. 40

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Regulation of Claims on Infant Foods in Canada

Author(s): M.C. Cheney, C.M. Zehaluk

Health and Functional Claims in the European Union

Author(s): J. Rey

Guidelines for the Ethical Study of Drugs in Infants and Children and the FDA Regulations

Author(s): R.E. Kauffinan

Specific European Union Aspects on Ethics of Clinical Trials

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Ethical Aspects of Nutritional Research on Infants in Developing Countries

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Statistical Analysis: Significance Tests Vs. Confidence Intervals

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Selection of Variables, Timing of Examinations, and Retention

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Long-Term Outcome Trials of Early Nutrition on Later Health and Development

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Health Claims in Infant Formulas and Foods: U.S. Regulations

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Publication Bias in Clinical Research: Outcome of Projects Submitted to Ethics Committees

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Design of Randomized Clinical Trials: Review of Criteria for Patient Inclusion in Trials of Infant Nutrition

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Pediatric Gastroenterology Collabotative Research Group (Pgcrg) Success and Failures in Multicenter Clinical Trials

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Nutrition, Diet, and Infant Development: Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Infant Neurodevelopment

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Considering Environmental Factors in Research on Nutrient Deficiencies and Infant Development

Author(s): B. Lozoff

Clinical Trials in Infant Nutrition: The Role of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Committee on Nutrition

Author(s): J.N. Udall, R.M. Suskind