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NNIW06 - Chronic Diarrhea In Children

Editor(s): E. Lebenthal. vol. 06


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Requirements And Utilization Of Macronutrients In Enteral And Parenteral Nutrition In Acute And Chronic Diarrhea

Author(s): T. Heim

Feeding Of Children With Protracted Diarrhea In Developing Countries

Author(s): A.M. O'Donnell, M. Orsi

Protocol Design: Assessment Of Nutritional Status To Help In Nutritional Rehabilitation Of The Infant

Author(s): B. J. Schmidt

Vaccines And Other Approaches To The Prevention Of Intractable Infant Diarrhea By The Prevention Of Intestinal Colonization

Author(s): E.C. Boedeker

Effects Of Pharmacological Agents On Nonelectrolyte Nutrients And Ion Transport In Secretory Diarrhea

Author(s): A. Rubino, S. Guandalini

Gastrointestinal Allergy Or Intolerance To Multiple Foods In Severe Chronic Diarrhea In Early Infancy

Author(s): S. Auricchio, S. Cucchiara, A. M. D'Antonio, G. De Ritis, B. De Vizia, D. Folio, E. Iaccarino

Protein Intolerance As A Cause Of Postenteritis Diarrhea

Author(s): J. A. Walker-Smith, H. Nazer, P. Manuel, D. Jackson, A. D. Phillips, P. Soeparto

Antibiotic And Antiparasitic Therapy In Chronic Diarrhea

Author(s): M. Gracey

Electrolyte Therapy In Acute And Chronic Diarrhea

Author(s): I. W. Booth and J. T. Harries

The Fate Of Foreign Antigens In The Intestinal Tract In Infancy And Childhood

Author(s): S. Freier, E. Lebenthal, J. Faber

The Possible Role Of Effector Cells On The Intestinal Mucosa And Gastrointestinal Host Defenses In Intractable Diarrhea

Author(s): M.R. McDermott, A. Dean Befus, J. Bienenstock

Atypical Bile Acids And Their Possible Role In Neonatal Diarrhea

Author(s): R. Lester, J.M. Little, E.W. Adcock

Bile-Acid-Induced Intestinal Dysfunction: Implications To Protracted Infantile Diarrhea And Malnutrition

Author(s): W.F. Balistreri

Mechanisms Of Adherence Of Escherichia Coli To Enterocytes: Their Possible Role In Intractable Infant Diarrhea

Author(s): E.C. Boedeker

Mechanisms Of Secretory Diarrhea Caused By Bacterial Enterotoxins

Author(s): A. Rubino, S. Guandalini

Regulatory Mechanisms Of Secretory Diarrhea And Electrolyte Imbalance In Acute And Chronic Diarrhea In Infancy

Author(s): I.W. Booth, J.T. Harries

The Role Of Hormones In The Pathophysiology Of Acute And Chronic Diarrhea

Author(s): A. Aynsley-Green, S.R. Bloom

Dietary Lectins And The Possible Mechanisms Whereby They Induce Intestinal Injury

Author(s): M.M. Weiser

Viral Enteritis: A Cause Of Disordered Small Intestinal Epithelial Renewal

Author(s): J.R. Hamilton

Giardiasis: Pathogenesis Of Chronic Diarrhea And Impact On Child Growth And Development

Author(s): M.J.G. Farthing

Infectious Agents In Acute And Chronic Diarrhea Of Childhood

Author(s): L. Mata, J.J. Urrutia, A. Simhon

The Intestinal Microflora In Malnutrition And Protracted Diarrhea In Infancy

Author(s): M. Gracey

Catch-Up Growth In Malnourished Children

Author(s): R.N. Varma, L.L. Suskind, O. Thanangkul, R.M. Suskind

Stable Isotope Studies Of Normal And Abnormal Digestion And Absorption In Infants

Author(s): B.L. Nichols, R.J. Shulman, C.H. Lifschitz, P.D. Klein

Nutrient Absorption In The Developing Colon

Author(s): G.D. Potter, R. Lester

Peptide Digestion And Absorption In The Small Intestinal Mucosa During Acute And Chronic Diarrhea

Author(s): S. Auricchio

Net Acid Balance In Infants With Diarrhea And Carbohydrate Intolerance

Author(s): F.R. Carrazza, G.S. Gopalakrishna, G. Sperotto, B.L. Nichols

Transient Carbohydrate Malabsorption And Intolerance In Diarrheal Diseases Of Infancy

Author(s): P.C. Lee

Specific Etiologies Of Chronic Diarrhea In Infancy

Author(s): D. Branski

Ultrastructural Topography Of Small Bowel Mucosa In Chronic Diarrhea In Infants And Children: Investigations With The Scanning Electron Microscope

Author(s): J. Rainer Poley

Damage And Repair Of Small Intestinal Mucosa In Acute And Chronic Diarrhea

Author(s): O. Brunser, M. Araya

Prolonged Small Intestinal Mucosal Injury As A Primary Cause Of Intractable Diarrhea Of Infancy

Author(s): E. Lebenthal

Introduction Devastating Effects Of Chronic Diarrhea In Childhood

Author(s): E. Lebenthal