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NNIW15 - Biology of Human Milk

Editor(s): L. Hanson. vol. 15


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Factors Controlling the Bacterial Colonization of the Neonatal Intestine

Author(s): P. Raibaud

Allergy Prevention: Does Maternal Food Intake during Pregnancy or Lactation Influence the Development of Atopic Disease during Infancy?

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Mucosal Immunity and The Mammary Gland

Author(s): J-P. Kraehenbuhl, R. Weltzin, E. Schaerer, R. Solari

Cellular Aspects of Immunologic Reactivity in Human Milk

Author(s): P.L. Ogra, S.S. Ogra

Antiparasitic Factors in Human Milk

Author(s): O. Hernell, L. Blackberg

Antiviral and Antibacterial Factors in Human Milk

Author(s): L.A. Hanson, B. Carlsson, F. Jalil, M. Hahn-Zoric, S. Hermodson, J. Karlberg, L. Mellander, S. Raza Khan, B. Lindblad, K. Thiringer, S. Zaman

Possible Physiological Role of Hormones and Hormone-Related Substances Present in Milk

Author(s): O. Koldovsky, A. Bedrick, P. Pollack, R. K. Rao, W. Thornburg

Epidermal and Neural Growth Factors in Milk: Effects of Epidermal Growth Factor on the Development Of The Gastrointestinal Tract

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Taurine in Human Milk: Biological Significance

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Trace Elements in Human Milk

Author(s): L.S. Hurley, B. Lonnerdal

Calcium, Phosphorus, and Vitamin D in Human Milk

Author(s): B.L. Salle, J. Senterre, F.D. Glorieux, G. Putet

Enzymes in Milk: Their Function in the Mammary Gland, in Milk, and in the Infant

Author(s): M. Hamosh

Electron Microscopy and Carbohydrate Histochemistry of the Human Milk Fat Globule Membrane

Author(s): W. Buchheim, U. Welsch, S. Patton

Energy Content of Breast Milk and Metabolizable Energy Intake in Breast- Fed Infants

Author(s): A. Lucas, S.B. Roberts, G. Ewing, W. A. Coward

New Developments Related to Nutritional Aspects of Protein in Human Milk

Author(s): N.C.R. Raiha