Nestlé and British Nutrition Foundation - Horizon Scanning Project

May 22, 2017

In order to help Healthcare Professionals keep up to date with maternal and infant nutrition related research, Nestlé in collaboration with the British Nutrition Foundation ( have created a ‘horizon scanning’ report on emerging science The literature in maternal and infant nutrition is scanned and those publications thought to be most relevant are summarised, with BNF comment on selected papers.

The summary includes new research on the the following topics among many others: fish oil supplementation in pregnancy and risk of asthma (Bisgaard et al. 2016), breast milk feeding and neurocognitive outcomes in preterm infants (Belfort et al. 2016) and cortisol in human milk and child BMI (Hahn-Holbrook et al. 2016). The report also includes UK and Ireland-specific guidelines, policy and HCP events in infant nutrition.

Horizon Scanning