Sep 19, 2018

On 24 July 2018 our esteemed executive board member Gerda Gericke handed over the 2017 NNIA Scientific Award for the category Nutrition in Paediatrics to Dr Claudia Gray. The presentation took place during ZAR 2018 CNE Symposium.

The Awards ceremony is an opportunity to recognise fellow healthcare professionals for their contributions towards furthering the understanding of the science of nutrition. One way in which we further this purpose is through our prestigious Scientific Awards, annually presented to worthy candidates in five categories.

The Scientific Awards aim to:

  • Acknowledge excellence in nutrition
  • Encourage and focus on development in nutrition in Africa
  • Facilitate communication among scientists in the field
  • Facilitate the dissemination of recent nutrition developments
  • Make the NNIA and its objectives known to the nutrition and medical community

Medical doctors, dieticians, nutrition scientists, nurses and paramedic personnel who have made a significant academic, research or service contribution in nutrition, are eligible for nomination.