Aug 31, 2018

Building Capacity and Strengthening Nutrition Knowledge

In collaboration with University of Pretoria, Nelson Mandela University and University of Venda, this year NNIA hosted a very successful 13th continued nutrition education symposium with the theme on “Advancements in Clinical Nutrition – Looking to the Future”

A fully packed programme was dedicated to the science and clinical application of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) and nutrition.

The programme included several scientific presentations led by international and local subject-matter experts. The CNE is aimed at the following:

  • To deliver an interactive programme with views shared by relevant subject-matter experts, to enhance HCP knowledge on HMOs and advancements in clinical nutrition.


  • To offer a platform to drive healthcare professional engagement and maintain strong relations with a network of speakers and local universities.


Participants (mainly dieticians) came from different government and private institutions.




Distinguished speakers on the programme were:

Dr Tim de Maayer

Prof. Norman Nyazema

Ms Sanja Nel

Ms Vanessa Kotze

Ms Frances van Schalkwyk

Dr Claudia Gray

Prof. Elna Buys

Dr. Etienne Nel

Ms Caida Macdougall

Dr. Martin Davis

Prof. Di Fang

Dr. Martin Bac


Speaker presentations and the programme is available to view online at www.nestlenutrition


Comments from Attendees


Attendees expressed how much they had benefited from this symposium, as well as highlighting their need to increase their knowledge of HMOs.

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