NNIA hosted medical and scientific meeting for the healthcare professionals in East London, South Africa

May 04, 2018


On 24 April 2018 the NNIA hosted a medical and scientific meeting at the East London Resource Centre. Attendance was good with a total of 98 healthcare professionals among them, which included dieticians, nutritionists, paediatricians, nursing lecturers and professional nurses from throughout the province.

Dr Tim de Maayer, a paediatric gastroenterologist, gave a presentation on “Undernutrition and Obesity – two sides, one coin?” He highlighted that the study, which was done by GHS 2016, showed that 25% of female-headed households were more likely to have members of their household skipping a meal and which contributes to children between 0 – 6months becoming undernourished.


If you would like Dr de Maayer’s full presentation contact Dineo Molatedi: Email address: